Luscious Decrepit Bones

by Temp Artist Name

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Track Listing:
1. Infernal Cleansing
2. Dark Silence of Suffering Angels
3. Pedophile Memorabilia
4. I am the Serpent
5. Luscious Decrepit Bones
6. Sacrifice to the Howling Wolves
7. Craving the Embalmed
8. Amputee Sodomy
9. Rape Scene
10. Betrayal Begets Blood


released December 12, 2012

Steamroller Records



all rights reserved


Temp Artist Name Elizabethton, Tennessee

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Track Name: Amputee Sodomy
Eyelids sewn together
Legs are ripped apart
I only want to rape you
after your breathing has stopped

Welcome to the dungeon
I will be your master
Nailed down naked to the table
try to scream but you're unable

This is how i'll end your life
Slowly cut you with a knife
Hack your legs of at the knees
amputee sodomy

Cut a hole into your side
force my cock in deep inside
pouring blood feels so hot
ejaculation onto your heart

Intestines in my hand, forced upon my gland
as i cum inside you finally die

Pulse slowly stops, as you bounce on top
of my bloody cock

Bounce on top of my bloody cock!
Track Name: Dark Silence of Suffering Angels
She holds me, tightly,
postmortem and cunning
ripped, ravished, and raped
there will blood here this morning
A cadavers spasm left
lascivious carnage

(I can smell her cunt)
Pounding deep inside her, something cold has touched her sine
(her blood is still warm)
Puss seeps, oozing out exposed teeth
(taste her infection)
A rigor-mortis fucking smile!

Dialated eyes, inflammed lips
open sores, between her breasts
Disembodies figures were first strangled
The dark silence of suffering angels!

Caress the cold breast
together we eat their flesh
wings have been clipped
In the dark silence

Semen left their faces dried
Semen plaster angelic eyes.
Track Name: Pedophile Memorabilia
All I can think about is rape
Sadistic urges, her ass I want to gape
I don't care if she's just twelve
her tiny body makes my old man cock swell

On her knees
Filate me

Don't tell mom, don't tell dad
Ripped her cunt pretty bad

My cock looks so huge in her small hands
Ram it down her throat until she vomints
Don't stop punching her until I'm finished
Rinse off all her blood with my piss

With My Piss!!!!

Put her in the tub, Keep the water warm
because i want to bust, her ass open once more

Share her with my friends
all for fun and games
then we had the bodies
no one is to blame

Go ahead and scream
No ones here but me
there is not escape
I will get my rape